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2009-05-01 05:27 am

warning: zombies ahead

Hi. This is my introduction post. Since I am mainly using LJ at the moment, if you friend me here (or add me to your circle/calling plan/network/whatever they are calling it) and I don't know you, I probably won't friend you back. If you friend me here and your username is different than it is on LJ, don't expect me to know it's you and get all offended if I don't friend you back. Just email me or leave me a comment here saying, "Yo, it's zebraqueen from LJ, I have a different name here."

If fandom decides to exodus after all, this is where you will find me. For reference:

+phablla @ livejournal // fandom + personal = the fully phablla experience

+phaballa @ journalfen // all my fiction. yes, even the underage harry potter incest fic.

+phaballa @ twitter // which I only recommend if you are very interested in my thoughts and feelings about everything

Present fandoms:

Past fandoms:
+harry potter
+star wars rpf
+the oc

Other things I like and talk about too much:
+gossip girl
+nightrunner series/gay elven thieves
+american idol
+project runway
+my brain-damaged incest cat
+battlestar galactica/caprica
+greek (the show, not like, the culture)

That is pretty much all there is to me. YAY.